Jon Van Wie STM Link 8 Tenor Mouthpiece

I won this mouthpiece on ebay a few weeks ago.  The seller had it listed as a link that Phil Barone had worked on but Phil contacted him and said it wasn’t his work.  I bid on it because it looked a lot like other Jon Van Wie  links I’ve owned in the past.  It has the same baffle type in it and what looks to be the same epoxy that Jon Van Wie  use to use.  This piece is very powerful and focused.  It cuts right through on loud R&B gigs.  Although I don’t prefer it’s recorded sound as much as some others I have to admit this piece is the easiest for me to play.  I felt like the piece just let me be free with what I wanted to play.

I can’t prove this is aJon Van Wie but it sure plays like the ones I’ve had before. Just to make it more mysterious I’ll add that the link box it came in has the initials “DG” on it.  I’ve never seen a Guardala refaced link so I’ll just assume it’s Jon Van Wie’s work.  Although, the initials made me wonder.  This clip is of me playing some diminished exercises I’ve been working on for a new book.

Diminished Clip

Here’s another clip with a more bluesy feel to it. This piece is great for this. I’m not sure if the recording will do it justice. You can lay off the piece a bit and play some standards easy enough

Bluesy Clip

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Steve Neff has been playing and teaching saxophone and jazz improvisation around the New England area for the last 30 years. He is the author of many effective jazz improvisation methods as well as founding the popular jazz video lesson site


  1. Can’t believe there aren’t a bunch of comments here. Probably my favorite piece. Gets bright up top but not ridiculously bright, and stay fat, focused, and powerful.

    If you don’t mind me asking (and don’t feel obliged to tell me please) how much did this piece cost? You mention getting it on ebay, and considering how monster this piece is, I’m just curious

    • So weird, I just played this piece for a couple of hours today. This is my go to gig piece when I have to do everything………

  2. I really love the sound you make with this mouthpiece Steve. How would I go about getting something that plays /responds like this piece?

    • You got me. I’ve been looking for one that plays like it for the past 6 years. Can’t find anything so far. There is something unique about it with the baffle and facing curve I think.

  3. I emailed Morgan Fry who said he could make something similar. Is there anything else you can tell me about this piece that might help him?

  4. How would you compare this piece to a Guardala Studio Steve? What reeds did you use on this? Did you ever resolve the Java 21/2 to soft and 3 to hard issue you had? Have you played on La Voz medium? which I find between the Two. I have really enjoyed the mouthpiece reviews by the way, thanks.

    • Thanks Justin. I’m glad you like the reviews. This piece is a little more linkish than a Guardala. It has a little more fatness to the sound I think. A Java 2 1/2 is perfect on this piece because it’s a .110 tip but also I think the facing curve is suited for that size reed. It has a little more resistance than a Guardala so it’s easier for me to shape the sound and play expressively. steve

  5. Hi Steve was wondering what lig you’re using on this mouthpiece – the standard link lig or another? Thanks, Andy

  6. Avatar Paco Jiménez (Spain) says

    Hi Steve!
    My congratulations for your work, your website, for all that we bring to the saxophonists, and in this case for this tip and make it sound like your saxophone. I know jon van wie die and I can not enjoy his mouthpiece for my tenor, but could you tell me that I’d leave nozzle or mouthpiece to get the sound right STM Link 8 Tenor Mouthpiece, I think you call it a dave save it refacing, I am very interested in this tip and better sound or sound that your bags will. . .
    Pardon my language but google translation.
    best regards from Spain.
    Paco Jim.

    • I’v never played another piece like the JVW link I have. It’s not the baffle but the facing that makes it play great for me. It’s a shorter facing than my other mouthpieces. I had Erik Greiffehagen copy the facing and baffle on to an EB link and that is the closest I’ve come to it.

  7. Hello Steve, I am relly impressed by your sound on this mounthpiece. I would say this is my tenor dream sound 🙂 Do you have any feedback from Justin. Did he succeeded with Morgan Fry. Thank for answer! Regards Pavel

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