Greg Wier GW 7M Alto Mouthpiece

This is a great alto mouthpiece that I bought from Greg Wier.  I’ve seen all of his mouthpieces on ebay for quite some time now and have wondered how they are. I trialed one of his tenor mouthpieces awhile ago and was very impressed with it.  This alto mouthpiece is terrific also.  It’s got that really great Meyer sound to it. Very focused sound with some nice edge to it but it still sounds nice and fat to me.  I love playing this piece in a big room.  It just sings. It’s a little brighter than I normally like on alto but I’m finding that it is a “pretty” kind of bright and it gives it a very lively sound.  I’m really digging this piece.  This is one of my favorite pieces I’ve tried.  Here’s Greg’s email address in case you are interested in his pieces. Listen………

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  1. Hey Steve, you ever send a GW piece to a refacer? I find that his pieces play significantly better than how they should in consideration to imperfections. I’m wondering how one will play fully done. I think I’ll send my 7M to someone but I want to know if it went that way for you. Thanks

    • Nope. The 3 GW pieces I’ve had all played great. No need to send them for any work. I don’t see any imperfections on mine or the other ones I have had.

  2. Also another question (completely irrelevant):
    What microphone setup do you use for recordings, and where do you set the mic when you record?

    A relevant question:
    Do you find your 7M has a bit of a resistance? I find that it plays fine but there is a little bit of a drag when I start playing on it. From there on I can play faster.


    • I use a M-Audio MicroTrack. I put the mic about 12-24 inches from the bell. I don’t find any resistance with my 7M. Steve

  3. How much are GW mpc’c and how long it takes to get them?Realy dig this sound!Currently looking for alto and tenor HR mpc.I like HR!Like your playing,Steve!Give me some advice on HR mpc’s!Thanks,Atanas

    • I’m not sure you have to contact Greg Weir to find out. He’s on ebay a lot. They are great mouthpieces for the price.

  4. Don’t know if this is to late Atanas, but they are $119 (if you email him he’ll even customize it to your liking for FREE!). It takes a little over a week to get them if memory serves right. Its just standard, cheap, ebay shipping.

    BTW Steve, which Microtrack do you have? Are you using the $150, $190, or $250 one? (vocal, audio, pro audio)

    Also, have you compared it to something like the Zoom H2? I’m really wondering how each one fares.

    • I bought it when they first came out. It just says M-Audio Microtrack 24/96. Nothing else. I think it was 399.00 when i got it years ago.

  5. You don’t say which reeds you are using on any of the alto reviews Steve. Do you use Java 2 1/2 on these to. I like the nice bright sound you get on the GW.

  6. Hi Steve, thanks for this mpc review. These reviews are a fantastic resource. I recently got an NY alto mpc from Greg. It is wonderful. I never tried an original Meyer, but if they play like this then I understand what all the fuss is about. The GW piece makes such a range of textures available up and down the horn. There is a golden edge to the higher notes. Like you say Steve, it really sings. So thanks for putting me to this.

    • That’s great to hear David. I love it when someone like you finds the perfect mouthpiece for themselves and my reviews helped in the process……..Take Care, Steve

  7. I have bought 4 MP’s from Greg Wier, Meyer 5M copy, a Gregory 4H-18 copy, a King Bari copy and a modified Dukoff 6. Except for the Dukoff (I found I simply don’t like Dukoff’s) all his MP’s are wonderful to play and sound great.

  8. Avatar Darrell Hamilton says

    I recently dug up my old Link STM tenor 7 that was stuffy. I sent it to Greg and he turned it into monster that practically played itself. I highly recommend his work. Not only grade A quality but best bang for the buck..

    • That’s great to hear Darrell. Greg does great work judging from the pieces of his that I have played………

  9. After reading your reviews on Greg Wier tenor and alto mouthpieces, I found an alto and tenor available for sale and picked them up. Both are terrific mouthpieces, but they are totally different. The tenor must be the “Indian Rubber” model because it plays LOUD and bright. I used it on stage playing a run of “A Night with Janis Joplin” and it was great. The alto mouthpiece is a much darker and softer sound. I’ll be playing a run of “Chicago” and it will be perfect for that gig. I really appreciate the info on your reviews of these pieces, plus your playing on the sound clips.

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