Tune of the Week-Softly as a Morning Sunrise Lesson

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In this Tune of the Week lesson, I tackle the great standard “Softly as a Morning Sunrise”. “Softly” is a great jazz standard that has been played by great saxophone players for years. It is found in most Real Books and is a great minor tune that is melodic and catchy. I play the song on the soprano sax with a play along I created and talk through the form of the tune. I show you what devices and concepts I use on each chord and section of the tune and demonstrate them by playing examples of each concept on my soprano saxophone. (31 Minute Video Lesson,1 play along)

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    Andy Geiger

    Dear Steve,

    I signed up for the gold coupon discount lesson series, and watched my first two today: Bebop Scales on the Blues and “Softly As In A Morning Sunrise”. I enjoyed both of them, and had a two hour blowing session learning “Softly…”. I know these lessons are going to be a big jump opportunity for me, especially if I practice!

    I am retired, and my passion is playing my tenor. I live in the country, so playing opportunities are slim, but I’m working on it.

    Thanks for the wonderful website and the great lessons.

    Andy Geiger

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