Triad Pairs-Dominant 3×3 Lesson

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In this lesson I introduce you to triad pair patterns that use 3 notes per triad.  Triad pair lines are based off of the concept of mixing two triads together to form your lines and ideas.   In past lessons we tackled 2×2 patterns and 4×4 triad patterns.  The more of these patterns you master the more natural and flowing your use of triad pairs will sound.

Once you master these lines and concepts you will be amazed at the way they can change your solos.  This lesson comes with a 2 page PDF with the lines written out for the C7 chord.(There is also a concert key PDF in Bb7)  I demonstrate the lines on the tenor sax as well as show you how to practice them over a play along. At the end of the video, I show you how you can practice these on a 12 bar blues also.  (31 minute Video & PDF)

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    Jon W (verified owner)

    Man, I just had to write to say a big thank you for this wonderful resource you have built. I’ve been playing sax for about 10 years here in sunny England. I’ve always struggled to find information that I can use to build my arsenal of licks, but moreso to give freedom and let loose. Your books and lessons have been a revelation. I just downloaded your triad 3×3 video lesson, and within minutes of watching it I was adding the ideas to some of the things I learnt from your dominant bebop book, and was just taking it to another level. An absolute joy. I’m sure I’ll get around to purchasing more, but in the mean time, thank you so much for your hard work in preparing these, and explaining/demonstrating so clearly.
    Love to everyone that side of the pond.
    Jon.W. (England)

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