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This is a lesson on the tune “Sugar” by Stanley Turrentine.  I take you through the tune and talk about exercises that you should practice to “nail” the changes. I play through a few choruses of a solo just using chord tones and showing you how to learn the chords and then solo using them.  Lastly,  I show you how to use the blues scale over the changes mixed with the chord tones to create a solo that is interesting, bluesy and hip.  I demonstrate all the lines on my tenor saxophone. (Audio & Video)

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    Stephen LaBrooy

    This is a lovely tune that is really nicely presented by Steve, I have many downloaded lessons but this one now really stands out. I am looking forward to devloping this tune over time by using some of Steve’s great advice. Fantastic lesson Steve, more lesson related tunes like this would be greatly appreciated.

    Kindest Regards Stephen

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