Freight Trane-Melodic Workout Lesson



This is a video lesson on the tune “Freight Trane” by Tommy Flanagan. In this lesson, I teach how to work on this chord sequence that can be tricky for many intermediate improvisers.

I show you how I go about working on a tune after I have the chords and melody memorized. (See the “Tune of the Week Lesson on Freight Trane” for more on those steps) I show you how to master the scales and tonality of each chord as well as how to take that knowledge and then create a motif or melody.

Learning the chords of a standard is only the first step.  To really have freedom on a fast moving tune like this you also have to master all the available notes you can so you have the freedom to truly improvise.

This lesson comes with a PDF of the changes of Freight Trane” for concert, Bb and Eb instruments.  I demonstrate the examples for you on the tenor saxophone but the concepts in this lesson can be applied to all instruments.

(34 Minute Video Lesson & PDF in C,Bb and Eb)



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