Patterns for Jazz-Lesson 2



This is a new series of lessons based off of the book Patterns for Jazz by Jerry Coker. This is a great series to start after you have finished my Beginner Improvisation Lesson Series or even along side that series if you want more to work on and study. Patterns for Jazz is a book I studied out of when I was in High School and it gave me a great foundation to build on throughout my life. It uses many of the core elements we worked on in the Beginner Improvisation Lessons but ramps up the difficulty by forcing the students to use the material in different chord progressions and at different speeds. Working through the series will give you a knowledge of common progressions, triads, seventh chords, diatonic patterns, scales and intervals. It also covers a few of the more modern concepts like polychords, altered scales and chromaticism.

I give you some insight into the importance of the exercises in the book as well as tips on how to best practice and internalize the information. I also show you the importance of using the material to improvise using different play alongs and the metronome. I demonstrate all of the exercises from the book on the alto saxophone but this series of lessons can easily be applied to any instrument. Lesson 2 deals with pages 5-9 in the book. You will need the Patterns for Jazz book to get the most out of these lessons. (33 Minute Video Lesson)


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