Out of Nowhere-Thematic Ideas Lesson

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In this lesson I teach you how to improvise while using some simple thematic ideas through the changes to “Out of Nowhere”.  I give you 10 simple themes and show you how to play them through  the changes.  Playing a thematic idea through changes is a vital skill that all great improvisers have.  At any moment they can come up with a melodic idea and tweak that idea to fit the changes as they go by.  Being able to do this is very important  to creating solos and phrases that have a running idea or strand of an idea running through them. In this lesson I take you step by step through the assignments that I give my one on one students to build this skill and create more melodic solos. This lesson come with a PDF that has 10 simple thematic ideas on it.  I demonstrate all the ideas on the tenor saxophone. (Audio & Video)


1 review for Out of Nowhere-Thematic Ideas Lesson

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    I recently went through Steve’s ‘Improvising using Thematic Ideas’ lesson – as he points out it’s an important step in improvising. I found it a great technique to apply on most other tunes I’ve previously worked through.

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