The Style of Dexter Gordon-Lady Bird Lesson 3



This is a new series of lessons based off the playing and style of the great tenor saxophone player Dexter Gordon. Dexter Gordon had one of the most recognized saxophone sounds of all time. Most sax players can instantly recognize his sound, style and technique within second of hearing him.

In this series of lessons, we will focus on different aspects of Dexter Gordon’s playing including sound, phrasing, licks, embouchure and other varied techniques. I will talk about each of these concepts in depth and how to best implement them in your own playing. In these first 3 lessons, I will begin to walk you through a transcription I made of a great 9 chorus Dexter solo over the Tadd Dameron standard Lady Bird. This solo is from a Youtube video of a concert Dexter Gordon played in Belgium in 1964 and is a great example of Dexter’s phenomenal playing. I demonstrate all the concepts discussed on the tenor saxophone. (31 Minute Video Lesson, 9 chorus solo transcription in Bb)


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