One Bar Major II-V Lesson



Burn up those Bebop tunes and fly over Rhythm changes. Get these One Bar Major II-V Patterns under your fingers and solo with confidence over all those tunes with one measure II-V changes like Giant Steps and Confirmation These up-tempo tunes can be difficult to play over, but having these patterns down will make playing over these tunes a lot more comfortable.
The II-V progression is the most common chord sequence in jazz. As I demonstrate these 26 patterns, I teach you how to practice them over the chord progressions you’ll encounter time and again in everything from Bebop to Standard tunes. Unlike many collections of II-V patterns, the patterns I teach you in this lesson begin on a variety of notes, so you’ll be able to play lines that flow smoothly from one phrase to the next.
As I play each of these lines for you, I talk about the methods I use, to really get these patterns down and make them useable and natural sounding in your own solos. I teach you the methods I use to memorize these patterns using the basic scale theory that you probably already know. I discuss and demonstrate various practice approaches you can use, to make these patterns a natural part of your playing vocabulary. Practice these lines and soon you’ll be able to use them instinctively over those fast chord changes.
These patterns are also accessible to the novice improviser. I explain how to start slowly and familiarize yourself with these patterns gradually. Soon you’ll be playing these 26 patterns in every key with confidence. Your facility on the saxophone will improve enormously, as I show you how to take these patterns and play them through common II-V and “Turnaround” progressions.
Becoming comfortable with the One Bar II-V Progression is a must for any sax player and these 26 One Bar II-V Patterns will soon have you playing over these changes with a newfound poise and confidence. This audio lesson comes with a two page PDF file for you to print out and practice.   (Audio & PDF)



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