New Ultimate II-V-I 5 Lesson Series Deal only 14.99



Special Note: Although this series is demonstrated on the tenor saxophone, the lessons can be used for the alto sax and all other instruments. I demonstrate the exercises in the key of D-7/G7/Cmaj7 so Eb instruments would follow along with the A-7/D7/GMaj7 section of the book.  Concert instruments would follow with the C-7/F7/BbMaj7 section.

This is a special deal on a series of lessons on my New Ultimate II-V-I Primer book. These 5 lesson are usually around 50 dollars but if you buy them together now you can get all 5 lessons for 14.99!!

To get the most out of these lessons you will need to purchase the book also. These lessons compliment the book in that you can hear all of the examples and variations played as you watch the video.  I walk you step by step through the process of how to practice this material for the best results. Below are the highlights of the book:

I have been working hard on the new Ultimate II-V-I Primer for the last 3-4 months. The purpose of this book is to give beginner to intermediate jazz improvisers a complete and thorough method to learn many of the note possibilities in a II-V-I progression in a systematic and organized way. I have written this book so that it starts with the simplest of exercises and progresses to more advanced exercises as you work through the book.

I have changed the focus of this book from just playing patterns to creating melodies and really improvising with those patterns and approaches. Here are some of the changes and additions to the book:

1. I have included 40 play alongs with the book that you can practice to in all 12 keys. They are at 3 different tempos 85,110 and 140.

2. Each chapter has many insights, tips and advice written between the lines of music so you can learn more as you work on the book.

3. I have added 10 approach note patterns to every chapter. By adding these approaches to the basic patterns you can connect them and create far more interesting lines and melodies.

4. I have added examples in every chapter on using the materials to create melodic lines and give you advice and tips on how to practice this.

5. The book is written in all 12 keys!! Unfortunately, I did not think ahead about how many pages this book would be because of that……It is 750 pages. (might not want to print all of them on your printer…..)

This series of lessons walks you step by step through the beginning lessons in the book.  I give detailed advice and tips on how to best practice the material so that you learn it thoroughly.  I demonstrate all the examples on the tenor saxophone. (5 30-35 Minute Video Lessons)


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