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In this lesson, I talk in detail about an Approach Note solo on Mr. PC, a D minor blues (C concert).   I take you through measure by measure and talk to you about what I was thinking at each point in the solo.  If you have been studying the approach note material then this would be a good lesson to show you how to use it over an actual tune.  It comes with a PDF of the solo in Bb,Eb and C.  I demonstrate the solo on my tenor sax with a florida link mouthpiece.  (Video,Audio & PDF)

2 reviews for Mr. PC Approach Note Lesson

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    Ron Bull

    I absolutely loved this lesson, and see how you connect the material in your book and your thinking/writing for improv. I also very much appreciate your teaching style because you demonstrate the very real qualities of a fine human being. Your technical abilities are so obvious, but you never make me as a student feel anything but grateful to have you for a teacher. I love your sense of humor. Keep up the FANTASTIC work and I will just try to KEEP UP period.

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    Hugh Appleton

    Begin a C minor blues on F# ? It would never have occurred to me to do that before trying this lesson, but Steve does and it all makes sense and sounds great ! After getting the first two choruses down, I downloaded the Approach Note Velocity Books, and can see how the solo connects to the material in the book. A very good, practical illustration of the material in the books and which provides useful lines for both Mr PC and other tunes with extended minor sections.

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