Mastering the Blues Lesson 4-Alto Sax



This is Lesson 4 in a series of lessons for the alto saxophone on the blues.

In this series, I am focusing on improvising over a 12 bar blues form.  In this lesson, I show you how to use my new book “Mastering the Blues Scale Volume 2-Dominant Chords”.  I show you how to take ideas from the book and then work them through the 12 bar blues one at a time.

I teach you how to transpose an idea to fit the chords and then how to modify the same idea to fit the chords.  Learning these two concepts is very important to your success as an improviser.

This is a great lesson for those of you who want or need some new and fresh ideas to use on a blues. You will need  “Mastering the Blues Scale Vol.2-Dominant Chords” to get the most out of this lesson and move forward in the lessons. (33 Minute Video Lesson & PDF)


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