Mastering the Bebop Scales Lesson 19



This is lesson 19 of the “Mastering the Bebop Scales Series”.  The series was called “Mastering the Dominant Bebop Scale” but now we are adding the Major Bebop scale so I have changed the title from here on,

In this lesson I introduce you to the major bebop scale.  I show you how to start working on it from my “Mastering the Major Bebop Scale and Sound” book.  I also give you tips and  methods to use to join it with the dominant bebop scale materials that we have worked on so far. You will need my “Mastering the Major Bebop Scale” book to work with this lesson!

The more of these lessons you master the more prepared you will be to handle the bebop language.  Enjoy! (Video & PDF) (31 minutes)


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