Jazz Reading and Feel Lesson 3-Alto Sax

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“Jazz Reading and Feel Lesson” is a beginner series on learning to play jazz with the proper articulation and feel. This series of lessons will teach you the fundamentals of playing with a correct jazz feel so that you will be well grounded and can move on to harder material later.

These video lesson are based off of the Lennie Niehaus book “Basic Jazz Conception for Saxophone Vol. 1”. This is the first jazz book I use with my beginner students who have finished “Essential Elements” Book 1. They know the notes, fingerings, and basic elementary rhythms…….so it’s time to get them swinging. I have been using this book as a teaching resource for the last 15 years and it is excellent for 2nd year beginner students.

The book has simple melodic etudes and exercises that are written out with all the proper jazz articulation. This is a great benefit for beginner jazz players as they can see the articulation markings and learn to play with a proper jazz style. The benefit of these video lessons is that I play through the different exercises and etudes so that you can hear many of them played live. I teach you on the video just like I would teach any student that is in my studio. Every mistake and piece of advice that I have given to hundreds of students over the last 15 years is included within these videos.

Lesson 3 deals with exercises #5,3,9 and 10 in the book. I demonstrate all the exercises and teaching points with the alto saxophone. You will need the book “Basic Jazz Conception for Saxophone” by Lennie Niehaus to get the most out of these lessons and to be able to practice the material. These lessons will teach you the fundamentals of playing with a jazz feel. Have Fun!! (31 Minute Video Lesson)

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    Hello Steve, I wrote you several times and want to thank you for your patience and approach to teaching sax. I have been playing almost 7 years and was not getting anywhere with a teacher where I live. The last 2 weeks I have been taking my time and now on the 3rd video using the lenny niehaus book on jazz swing. On exercise #9 now. Your method of teaching is great and I appreciate it! The swing feel is becoming almost second nature to me.

    Regards, Mark

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