Great Saxophone Technique-The Chromatic Scale Lesson 2

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Many times my students will ask me how I can play so fast………..I always respond “Practice”.  In this lesson I take you through some exercises that I have student work through who need to learn the chromatic scale.  I take you through each step of the exercises and show you how to practice them from the very beginning and build up speed.  I also include many tips on playing them with good technique as well as how to use the metronome with them.  It is important to really get these fundamentals of a solid technique down so that later you will have fewer weaknesses in your playing.  I talk about the best alternate fingering to use and give you some “Inside” tips on how to develop the best hand position and finger movement.  I demonstrate everything on the tenor saxophone.  This is Lesson 2 of a 2 part lesson on the chromatic scale.  Enjoy!  (Video)

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    After working on this lesson as well as the first one for a couple of weeks you really feel control over your hands and fingers. Your instrument really responses when you want to. Working on this every day and making it part of your practice routine is something that shows benefits right away.

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