Ear Training-Hearing Major 7th Chords Lesson



Ear Training is one of the most important things to practice as a jazz musician.  Unfortunately, it is one of the area’s that is most often overlooked and neglected.  Many young students assume wrongly that people either can hear or can’t.  Many students feel like they have  “bad” ears and are embarrassed that they can’t hear certain things.  In these series of lessons on ear training I teach you the importance of ear training and show you how to work on it to see improvement.  If you are diligent and work on your ears, you will see improvement over time.   It is of primary importance to train your ears to be able to hear different keys and chords.  In this lesson I take you through a half hour of drills to test your ability to figure out what major  7th chords I am playing.   This is a great lesson that you can play over and over again to get better at hearing the tonality of a chord and to help you figure out what major scale to play over it. (31 Minute Video Lesson)



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