Creating Walking Bass Lines Lesson

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In this lesson i take you through a simple approach to creating walking bass lines on the sax. This is a very useful exercise that helps you to mimic the kinds of simple lines a bass player might play. I use these kinds of ideas when i’m playing with others and there is no bass player. It’s also a great exercise to improve your time feel as well as your knowledge of the chords. I take you through a blues progression and give you step by step ideas on how to work on these lines and master them. Enjoy!  (Video)

1 review for Creating Walking Bass Lines Lesson

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    Joe P.

    I love this lesson, I have never used my sax for this type of sound before and now I just can’t get the rhythm out of my head. You could use this technique for lots of different styles, I have been using it with the short progression of the triad samba and salsa to get a feel for it but Steve takes you through a blues progression. A very therapeutic lesson that increases awareness of rhythm and chord changes, there were times I would have liked a baritone to really shake the floor! Nice one Steve!

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