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This is a remake of my original Altissimo video lesson.  The original lesson was one of my first video lesson that I had done and the quality was not as good as my current lessons so I decided to redo it.  This covers the same material as the first lesson but is easier to watch.  I also include some  files of the fingerings that I use for the altissimo range on the tenor saxophone. Here is the description from the original  video lesson.  I have also included the original lesson as a bonus in case there is something in there you would like to see.

Get ready to wail!!!
Finally, a comprehensive lesson on the altissimo register, which allows you to see and hear the whole process, as each step is clearly explained and demonstrated in a logical and easy to follow manner. In this great half hour video lesson I show you how to get started playing the altissimo register just like the players you see and hear on record. No longer do you have to decipher quasi anatomical descriptions of how to produce those top tones. With this video lesson you get to watch and listen as all the necessary techniques are demonstrated for you in a step by step manner. I show you the exact same methods I use with my students to get them playing in the altissimo register. It’s just like being here in the studio having a one on one lesson with me as I walk you through the entire process from the fingerings, to the techniques I use to voice the upper notes.

I show you the fingerings and the necessary tongue position to get these high notes to speak clearly and in tune. I discuss and demonstrate the common mistakes many beginners make when attempting to play the altissimo register for the first time. I show you what’s going wrong and why and then show you how to voice the note correctly. I discuss the common beginner’s habit of “biting” to get the altissimo notes and show you how you can use correct breathing and tongue positioning to play the upper range without having to resort to biting.
I then demonstrate how to navigate your way through these various altissimo fingerings so that you can play musically in the altissimo register. We have to find fingerings that facilitate playing actual lines and musical phrases in the upper range and I discuss and demonstrate how you can accomplish this. I demonstrate playing pentatonic scales and licks in the altissimo register as a means to achieving this fluency and learning to really get around up there.

Once we’ve learned to play these upper notes, I walk you through a number of ways you might actually use them in a solo.

This lesson is a must for anyone who has struggled endlessly with the vague descriptions and meaningless jargon found in most books on the subject. I also include a 4 pages PDF file including various altissimo fingerings you can use for each note.   (Audio,Video & PDF) (33 minutes)

7 reviews for New Altissimo Lesson

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    Jon G (verified owner)

    I love the two Altissimo lessons. In the first Steve shows you how to play the notes and in the second he shows how to put them together into usable licks. The video(s) really help unlock the way to do this stuff. In the past I tried to learn these notes with limited success – now I can play all of them (which my neighbours will verify) and am now starting to use (some) of them with confidence. Highly recommended – well done Steve !

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    C.N. (verified owner)

    Steve is the best! His explanation and demonstration of the altissimo register is easy to understand and follow. And the icing on the cake, you get a video to see and hear the lesson as well! Having this video lesson to refer to again and again on altissimo is invaluable! If you want to learn how to improve your application and understanding of the altissimo register, get this video. It is a must have. Thank you Steve! C.N.

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    Tom P (verified owner)

    How I wish I could have this video long before I had to self-study on those altissimo fingering charts. Thanks for a great lesson, Steve.

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    SelmerC* (verified owner)

    All credit to you Steve for lifting the lid off this topic, reproduced in the higher resolution it offers anyone interested in the subject a great lead in, still lot’s of hard work but perhaps now without the book throwing thanks to this.

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    Roger (verified owner)

    Really found this very helpful – great lesson.
    Steve gives great examples and context in this lesson. I really recommend this one if you’re working on your altissimo.

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    Bernhard (verified owner)

    I nearly gave up with this ….!…!.Top tones. I gave them the last chance with this lesson. And oh Wonder! I just chatted the A and went up to C 30 min after the Video ( i recorded it on Video)! The G is still in the mist. But this is really cool! On this lesson is nothing really new to me but the way you took me through, was a master piece. I am so exited. Thank you Master Steve : )

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    Michael Byington

    Your material is great! I got your New Altissimo Lesson 6 months ago and I have learned more from that than in all my 44 years of playing! I appreciate your down to earth teaching method and I really appreciate the heart that you teach with. I have been a subscriber to your lessons for the past 6 months and I have learned a great deal. Over that period of time I have had some questions and you have never failed to respond. Thanks! I have already recommended your lessons to a number of players in my area. Again, THANKS! Your lessons have been a real blessing!

    Sincerely, Michael Byington

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