Altered Dominant Bebop Scale-Lesson 2



This is another lesson on the Altered Dominant Bebop scale.  I made lesson one quite awhile ago with the intention of really mastering this new scale that I had stumbled upon.  Unfortunately, I got distracted and caught up with life as so often happens, and never sat down to really practice the scale like I wanted to.

This week, as I was deciding what to do a lesson on, I decided to attempt a second lesson on this great scale that outlines the altered sound over dominant chords.

In this lesson I talk about how to thoroughly practice the scale by working through slow II-V-Is in all 12 keys.  I show you how to link the dorian,altered bebop and major bebop scales together to form smooth flowing lines.

This lesson comes with 3 play alongs for concert, Bb and Eb instruments. It also comes with a chord sheet outlining the progression of the play along as well as a PDF sheet of the exercises to practice. I demonstrate how I would practice these on my tenor saxophone. I intend to practice this material myself and follow up with a Lesson 3 in the near future.(30 Minute Video Lesson, 2 PDF sheets and 3 play alongs)


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