A Mature Embouchure Lesson

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The word “embouchure” refers to the position of the mouth around the mouthpiece of the saxophone.  The minute details of how your embouchure is formed and manipulated while you play is a vital part of getting a mature sound on the sax.  In this video lesson I talk in depth about different aspects of a mature embouchure.  I teach about the signs of an embouchure that is not developed and show you some ways to improve it.  I go into detail on the different things you can change and work on that will improve your sound and playing.

The things discussed in this lesson are:  bottom lip position,  placement on the mouthpiece, teeth pressure,  jaw movement,  maximum reed response,  breathing ,  tongue position as well as some other aspects of playing.  I made this a video lesson so you can see first hand as I describe and show you the things I’m teaching about.

5 reviews for A Mature Embouchure Lesson

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    Mark Crowley

    I was amazed by how much this single lesson helped me improve my playing. I had thought my embouchure was ok but after viewing this lesson the lower lip pain I had been experiencing (and thought was normal) disappeared completely and my tone became much more open and pleasant sounding. I highly recommend “A Mature Embouchure”.

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    Thomas McCartney

    I’ve had problems for several years with fatigue in my embouchure muscles. I’ve instinctively known that there’s something in my technique causing the soreness, but have been unable to figure out what to change about the way I play. I implemented the suggestions Steve gives in the video about tongue position, and have found that I can play with more endurance. I think the improvement has to do with a more efficient airstream. I used to leave my tongue flat, which filled my mouth with air on the sides. This caused me to puff out my cheeks, which probably required more muscle effort to get the air into the mouthpiece. Sort of like a hose ballooning out, vs having a nozzle at the end. Steve explains useful concepts in a very easy to understand manner.

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    Doug (verified owner)

    Your lesson on a mature embouchure was the best and clearest explanation I have seen in 30 years of playing saxophone. Well done !

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    Chuck (verified owner)

    I want to thank you for this video. I’ve been working from it for about a week and a half and love what is happening to my sound and control so far! Again,
    Thank you!

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    sebastião paz de sousa

    excelente método!


    excellent method!

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