12 Great D Minor Blues Scale Licks Lesson

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Learn the language of The Blues Scale and get those fingers moving!  In this lesson, I demonstrate using the Blues Scale to create great blues licks you can use in your own playing. From slow Blues, to fast Funk, to Rock and Roll. I show you how to go about getting your blues vocabulary together as you greatly improve your technique with these essential blues licks and scales. Play along with this lesson at your own pace, as you learn 12 great sounding and easily adaptable blues licks and patterns. Playing these patterns is also a fun and exciting way to make that transition from knowing the Blues Scale, to actually having it in your ears and under your fingers.

As I demonstrate these blues licks, I teach you how to learn, ingrain and adapt them, so that you can create your own ideas, licks and solos with confidence.  These blues licks combine many of the idiomatic sequences, intervals and finger patterns, you really need to have down, if you want to get burning on these blues scales. If you are stuck playing your Blues Scales straight up and down, practicing these licks will soon have you playing with the technique and flexibility required to be able to play what you hear. I also show you how to bend and shape notes and use various effects and inflections, such as falls and vibrato, to really bring these blues licks to life and add the feel that is such a necessary part of communicating with your audience and playing these Blues Scales convincingly

This lesson also comes with a PDF sheet of the 12 licks, so you can print it out and get playing straight away.
Use this lesson with Using the Blues Scale Part 1 and Part 2 to really develop the understanding, feel, technique, and vocabulary so essential to playing these styles.  (16 Minute Audio Lesson)


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    Jon G

    This is a great lessons that builds upon the excellent ‘Using the Blues Scale part 1 & 2′ lessons. This one gives you some real ammunition to get under your fingers. Hearing how Steve plays the notes really helps get the feel of these licks. Using software that changed the key of the original mp3 I was then able to learn these licks easily in other keys. Easily worth the money.

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