Mike Tucker Swingin’ One Chorus Confirmation Tenor Saxophone Solo Transcription

Here is another transcription of a great Mike Tucker tenor saxophone solo that Mike posted on Instagram a few days ago. This is a short but sweet one chorus solo on the changes to the tune “Confirmation” by Charlie Parker. I can’t resist transcribing these short solos as I can do them pretty quickly and this one caught my attention immediately with the altissimo A lick at the :30 mark. Actually, the whole reason for this transcription was for me to get that tasty altissimo A line on measures 26-27.  I had to add that line to my repertoire.   It goes by pretty quick so be prepared…….. Enjoy!

I first heard of Mike Tucker years ago when I came upon a recording of Mike playing a gig with George Garzone.  It had a “Live at the Lighthouse Steve Grossman and Dave Liebman sound” to the recording with Mike Tucker on the tenor sax and George Garzone on the soprano sax. Mike Tucker sounded amazing and I have been a fan ever since!  Here is Mike Tucker’s website if you want to find out more information on him. He has been touring with Arturo Sandoval for the last four years.

Here is Mike’s quote about the Boston Sax Shop R-Series tenor saxophone mouthpiece (I have not reviewed this BSS R-Series mouthpiece as of yet) he is playing on this clip:

“Taking the new R-Series mouthpiece from BSS for a spin! This is such a great tenor mouthpiece! Plays super even in all registers, and burns in the altissimo register. Check it out!”-Mike Tucker


Mike Tucker Playing a One Chorus Solo over Confirmation from Instagram

Confirmation-One Chorus-Mike Tucker-Bb PDF
Confirmation-One Chorus-Mike Tucker-Concert PDF

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