Sam Dillon Blues Exercise Tenor Sax Solo Transcription

Here is another tenor saxophone solo transcription of Sam Dillon soloing on a couple of choruses of a Blues on Instagram.  This was kindly shared with me by Roger Humbles after he saw my “On a Misty Night” Sam Dillon tenor saxophone solo transcription.

Sam is demonstrating how he likes to practice over a blues by doing one chorus in 8th notes and then one chorus in 16th notes.  I haven’t seen the post as I don’t have Instagram but this is making me think I should get on it now…….

Sam Dillon-Tenor Saxophone

If you want to check out more from Sam Dillon you can read Sam’s bio here on his website.  He also has a great CD recently released called “Force Field” and an older CD of standards called “Out in the Open” that you can check out!  Also, do yourself a favor and go to this page from his website with a Slow Blues on it!  You can definitely tell Sam has studied the lines of John Coltrane right?  I just heard this and now want to transcribe this one as well……

Thanks again to to Roger Humbles who transcribed this and shared it with me.  Feel free to leave any thoughts or comments you might have in the comments section below this post.   Steve

Blues Exercise-8ths and 16ths-Sam Dillon Bb PDF

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Blues Exercise-8ths and 16ths-Sam Dillon

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