Battle of the Two Tuckers-Eternal Triangle-Tucker Antell and Mike Tucker Transcription

Here is a great transcription of two local tenor saxophone players up here in the Northeast that many of you outside the area might not know about. Mike Tucker and Tucker Antell.

I first heard of Mike Tucker years ago when I came upon a recording of Mike playing a gig with George Garzone.  It had a “Live at the Lighthouse Steve Grossman and Dave Liebman sound” to the recording with Mike Tucker on the tenor sax and George Garzone on the soprano sax. Mike Tucker sounded amazing and I have been a fan ever since!  Here is Mike Tucker’s website if you want to find out more information on him. He has been touring with Arturo Sandoval over the last few months.

Tucker Antell I have heard about more recently.  He’s a phenomenal player with incredible technique and endless ideas and energy.  I bought his CD “Grime Scene” last year and it is a great album.  Here is Tucker Antell’s website if you want to find out more about him.  When I saw videos of these two great players doing a gig together, I had to check them out ASAP!

I am going to release this transcription in rounds because it is quite long.  The truth be told, when I started it, I was already working on another Chris Potter solo as well as a Seamus Blake solo.  At this point I’m pretty overwhelmed with the work in front of me.  I’ll try to finish some of the solo every day and hopefully get to the end of this solo at some point in the near future. (I have 4 of the 12 choruses done so far…………)

The Eternal Triangle – Mike Tucker and Tucker Antell (solo starts at :37)

Eternal Triangle-Two Tuckers Round 1 (Choruses 1-2)

Eternal Triangle-Two Tuckers Round 2 (Choruses 3-4)

Enjoy!  These are two incredible sax players that deserve wider recognition.   Check them out!   Let me know what you think in the comments below!

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  1. Oh my God! These two are just bringing joy and happiness to my practice room. Thanks for sharing mate!

  2. Avatar Paul Millard says

    That’s amazing, Meet The Tuckers, wow!!

  3. True Mother Tuckers. Great energy!

  4. Great chops! Great energy!

  5. Avatar Ljuba Paunic says

    Fantastic,great performance!

  6. Avatar Michael Favreau says

    Holy crap. What a great call to transcribe and share this. Thanks!

  7. Avatar Gerry Smith says

    Great Stuff!!

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