Boston Sax Shop Signature Reed Cases

Today, I am reviewing a beautiful new product I received with a reed order from Jack Finucane at the Boston Sax Shop.  Last week,  I ordered some new reeds to try from Jack and when the package came, I opened it to discover this added gem inside.  This is the Boston Sax Shop signature reed case.  It is without a doubt the most beautiful reed case I have ever seen.  It is not cheap,  but I thought I would write about it for those of you out there that like “fine” things like cuban cigars, Lamborghinis and Rolex watches………

Boston Sax Shop Signature Reed Cases

Here is the description of the signature reed case from the Boston Sax Shop website:

Each Boston Sax Shop reed case is made from solid maple and richly stained in a dark cherry finish. The cases feature an unbreakable level acrylic table which helps to prevent reeds from warping. An integrated side vent provides just enough breathability so that your reeds maintain an even balance of moisture retainment. The profile of the case is designed to be as slim as possible and utilizes two flush mounted rare earth magnets for closure.  Available for alto and tenor.  Each case comfortably holds 4 reeds.


Boston Sax Shop Signature Reed Cases

The BSS signature reed case looks great with the richly stained walnut wood.  The BSS engraving on top looks cool and while it might peak another sax player’s curiosity with it’s subtlety, it isn’t a blatant advertisement that shouts out BOSTON SAX SHOP!!!   This logo is a much classier alternative in my opinion.

The case opens smoothly and easily but you can feel the pull of the two  “rare earth” magnets that hold it closed.  They are strong enough so that the case won’t open accidentally and your most cherished reeds scattered all over the place.  I don’t know what  “rare earth magnets” even are………but it does sound impressive!  (I think that is what Thor’s hammer is made of perhaps……..)

Boston Sax Shop Signature Reed Cases

As the description describes above, inside the case is an “unbreakable” acrylic table to place your most cherished reeds on. Although I believe that acrylic is probably extremely hard to break (especially inside the reed case),  I’m not sure I am onboard with Jack’s claim that it is “unbreakable”.  I was tempted to get out my power drill and test this assertion but then decided “Ahhh, he probably just meant it’s really hard to break……”.  That is good enough for me. (Although, if it is unbreakable, it would be good to know so I could whip it out if I’m about to get shot in a mugging gone horribly wrong down in Boston……)

Boston Sax Shop Signature Reed Cases

On the top inside of the case is what feels like a velvet material to gently caress and hug your favorite reeds. This contact keeps them secure physically and emotionally.  Where the case closes on the butt end of the reeds the velvet material is thicker like a velvety pillow you might see at your stay at the luxury suite at the Four Seasons Hotel or perhaps Trump Tower.  The velvety pillow material gently holds each reed in a tender embrace as you shut the case so that they are not traumatized in thinking they are being locked away forever but rather just going “night night”.  Those reeds aren’t going anywhere…….nor do they want to……..

On either side of the velvety pillow are the integrated side vents to provide just enough breathability for your reeds so that they aren’t too moist or too dry but perfectly happy and ready to be played the next time they are needed.

Boston Sax Shop Signature Reed Cases

In the past, I have had reed cases where the hinge rod would inevitably slide out and get lost somewhere in my travels.  This was always a pain when it happened.  The BSS signature reed case looks to me like it was designed to protect against this by placing the hinges in such a position that the wood of the case would stop those hinge rods from sliding out in either direction which is awesome.

The one thing I would be careful of are the 8 screws that hold those hinges in place.  I have been around long enough to know that those pesky little screws are just waiting to twist themselves out and make an escape when I am not looking.  I would suggest keeping an eye on those little guys. (I am tempted right now to put a little dab of super glue on each one to hinder their escape)

The case does hold four reeds comfortably.  You can squeeze a fifth reed in also but it just over hangs the acrylic a very tiny bit.  If they had made that acrylic just a millimeter or two wider it could have fit five reeds. Oh well………..

If you are interested in the Boston Sax Shop Signature reed holder to not only hold your reeds, but also to keep them safe and secure, you can get one at the Boston Sax Shop website.  Thanks to Jack for sending me one of these.  We aren’t used to this kind of luxury up in the woods of Vermont but I can’t say I don’t like it!  Gotta run, time for my spa visit……..Stay thirsty, my friends!

Disclosure:  I received the product reviewed above for free in the hope that I would try it and perhaps review it on my blog. Regardless, I only review products that I believe will be good for other saxophone players to try also.     Steve
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  1. Avatar Antonino says

    The reed case is great. It can fit in your pocket. It is made so smooth it is really nice. I really like it. Peace. Antonino Ferro

  2. Thanks for the thorough review of this reed case. I am not totally thrilled with the various cases I have used over the years so it is good to see a different product reviewed that I was unaware of. Incidentally, Thor’s Hammer, Mjölnir, is composed of an Asgardian metal known as Uru, which, as far as anything I have ever heard or read, does not have any specific magnetic properties.

    • Haha! Thanks Andrew! You sound like you know what you talking about in regards to Thor’s hammer. Hope you like the case if you get it. I only wish it held 5 reeds easily and not just 4…… Steve

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