Seamus Blake “Billie’s Bounce” Tenor Saxophone Solo Transcription

Here’s another great blues solo transcription from one of my favorite players, Seamus Blake.  This is a fast blues called “Billie’s Bounce” and is from an obscure CD entitled “Sax Summit”.   I say obscure because I am probably one of the biggest fans and followers of jazz saxophone recordings and I had never heard of it before stumbling upon it while browsing through iTunes a few months ago……….(Hint: I could only find it with a google search when looking for “Sax Summit” and “CBC” together…….)

Sax Summit was released Oct 22, 2002 on the CBC label. Personnel: Phil Dwyer , Mike Murley (soprano saxophone, tenor saxophone); P.J. Perry, Campbell Ryga (alto saxophone); Seamus Blake, Yannick Rieu (tenor saxophone); Perry White (baritone saxophone); Mark Eisenman (piano); Neil Swainson (double bass); Terry Clarke (drums).

Seamus Blake

This is a transcription I completed this week of 8 1/2  choruses of Seamus Blake’s solo.  This is a pretty fast blues solo at around 252 so good luck…………

 Sax Summit (CBC Label 2002)

This solo is 8 1/2 choruses of a ripping  fast blues.  When you first look at the PDF you might be fooled into thinking this is an easy solo to play but try playing some of these lines with the recording and you quickly realize how awesome Seamus Blake is………..

Billie’s Bounce-Seamus Blake Solo Bb

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If you dig this solo make sure you pick up the whole CD of “Sax Summit“.   There is some great playing by everyone on this CD and all sax players will love it! (You can also find it on iTunes………..) Also, make sure you check out Seamus Blake’s other recordings that he has done as a leader.

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