Bob Mintzer Tenor Saxophone Solo Transcription-New Rochelle

Here’s another great solo transcription from John Blevins.  John has graciously sent me a number of his transcriptions and given me permission to share them with the sax world on my site here. This is another great sax solo by Bob Mintzer.   The tune is New Rochelle from the album “Latin from Manhattan” and the solo starts at the 3:46 mark of the song.

There a lot of great ideas and lines in this solo to learn from so I hope you enjoy it. Check out Mintzer’s use of the C blues scale throughout the solo.  I love the classic Mintzer lick at bars 60-61.  Thanks again to John Blevins for transcribing this and sharing it with all of us.

New Rochelle-Bob Mintzer-Tenor Sax Solo Bb PDF-Original Version

Update:  I decided to make a revised version of Johns original transcription above.  I added some chords to the chart and made a few minor changes in measures 18,62,37,45 and 58.  (When I was playing the rewrite to the recording super slow I heard a few different notes than John had notated). I also changed the meter to cut-time and spaced the transcription out to 4 bars on a line to make it easier to read.  I believe all the chords are fairly accurate although in measure 9-12 and 15-16 I was undecided on how to notate those chords.  I started with Eb11 then changed it to Eb9sus4 as I didn’t hear the third in there.  Then finally I decided to notate the chord as Bbm7/Eb.  These are all very similar chords so in the end I don’t think there is a big difference.  If you are hearing anything different than I am please let me know (especially if your name is Bob Mintzer……..)   Thanks,   Steve

New Rochelle-Bob Mintzer-Tenor Sax Solo Bb PDF-Revised Version with Chords

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  1. The cheapest I find the Bob Mintzer latin album is $35 used. The transcription is not so useful without the recording.

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