Bari Hybrid Alto Saxophone Mouthpiece

Today, I am reviewing the Bari Hybrid alto saxophone mouthpiece 6 (.077 tip opening).  This mouthpiece has the gold band around it.  It is called a “hybrid” because it is a mix of hard rubber and gold plated brass.  The front part of the mouthpiece is all hard rubber but the shank and bore of the mouthpiece up to the chamber is brass.   Due to the brass shank, the shank end of the mouthpiece is much heavier than the hard rubber end of the mouthpiece.

Bari Hybrid Alto Saxophone Mouthpiece

This Bari Hybrid mouthpiece is a great example of a more affordable mouthpiece that is on the market that plays very well.  These have a retail price at WWBW of 124.99 right now.  Many times,  I have younger student looking for cheaper alternatives for step up mouthpieces that still play well.  Usually, the stock response for alto players is to get a Meyer or Vandoren V16.  This Bari Hybrid is another new alternative on the market.

Bari Hybrid Alto Saxophone Mouthpiece

The mouthpiece looks great from the top.  The engraving and gold band look terrific.  The rails, table, tip and baffle also looked good.  The chamber of the mouthpiece is a bit crooked and askew as you can see in the picture below.  If you are a stickler for perfection and symmetry this might bother you a bit.  I also received a 7 tip opening that had this same chamber look to it so maybe it is just how they make them.

Bari Hybrid Alto Saxophone Mouthpiece

This review is also a great example of how a mouthpiece doesn’t have to have a perfect looking chamber to sound great.  I thought this Bari Hybrid played great.   It had a brighter alto sound and the high notes  had some nice body to them.  The low notes subtoned beautifully and the intonation was very good.  The sound is full and focused with some bright edge in the tone. I think this would be a great step up mouthpiece for middle school or high school kids as well as adults looking for an affordable alto sax mouthpiece.

If I compare it to it’s competitors,  I would say it is louder, brighter and more focused than a Meyer medium chamber or Vandoren V16 medium chamber.  It would probably be more related to their small chambered mouthpieces.  This mouthpiece would sound great in a jazz band setting.

Bari Hybrid Alto Saxophone Mouthpiece

“WWBW”  is carrying the Bari Hybrid Alto Saxophone Mouthpiece.  If you like this Bari Hybrid mouthpiece’s look and sound, visit the WWBW website.  All the Bari products are made in the USA in Sarasota, Florida.

Let me know what you think in the comments below. Thanks, Steve

Bari Hybrid Alto Saxophone Mouthpiece

  PS.   If you order from WWBW, I suggest ordering at least 3 mouthpieces of the mouthpiece you are interested in.   Many times with mass produced mouthpieces there are variation between mouthpiece of the same make and size.  If you order 3, you can choose the best one and then send the other 2 back for a refund (minus a small restocking fee). Make sure to check WWBW’s policy on mouthpiece returns first though.



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  1. What about their Richie Cole one which is cheaper?

  2. I guess they will stop the product and replace it with new steel version?I actually email them about their classical mouthpiece but I think it will be gone as well.
    I hope you will review their Cyclone.

  3. Did you play the 7 Tip opening and how did you like it?
    We bought the 6* Bari Hybrid Tenor after hearing it on your review and really like it. Using Vandoren Optimum Lig and ZZ 2.5 reeds for great sound. Considering one for the Alto and was wondering what would be a good tip opening to start with? I thought you had mentioned .65″ on Alto was comfortable in one of your reviews.

    • Jeff, I just played this 6 tip opening. I find .065 a little too closed for me on alto. I prefer a .073-.080 on alto usually. For younger students I usually suggest in the .070-.075 range.

  4. Avatar Gustavo Silva says

    Hi Steve

    You consider this MPC Meyer-ish style?



    • Gustavo, Not really. I remember being louder and brighter than a typical Meyer. Maybe like a Meyer on steroids or something……..

  5. Avatar Gustavo Silva says


    Thank you Steve.

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