Kanee V5 Custom Alto Saxophone Mouthpiece

This is another hard rubber custom mouthpiece from Kanee mouthpieces in China.  As I said in an earlier review, I received 7 mouthpieces from Kanee Music to try out. This model is the alto mouthpiece with a medium baffle. It is called the V5 model for the alto saxophone. Here is what is written about it in the Kanee mouthpiece brochure that comes with it:

“Trying to seek the sound of traditional jazz in the mid-20th century, and thus to define the style of the Kanee V model mouthpiece.  Kanee V model mouthpieces use a moderate slope baffle and medium chamber to produce a flexible, powerful penetration of tone.”

Kanee V5 Custom Alto Saxophone Mouthpiece

I played this mouthpiece after the M5 which has a lower baffle and is more like a vintage Meyer type sound.  This mouthpiece had a substantial jump in brightness from the M5.  When you line it up next to the M5 you can see that they are similar but that the V5 baffle is slightly higher in the beginning and then rolls over to copy the decent of the M5 baffle.  This extra height gives it just a bit more punch and brightness to the sound.  I’d have to play all these mouthpiece longer to see which one I connect with the most but this is a great middle of the road piece.  Not as dark and bebop as the M5 but not as bright and rock n’roll as the Z5. When I listen to the clip I feel like it could go either way.  It sounds great in a bebop straight ahead style but can get by in a loud rock setting I think.

If you like the clip, check out the Kanee site at www.kaneemusic.com for more information. I’m don’t think they are available in the US yet but keep on the lookout for them as I believe they are coming soon.

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Steve Neff has been playing and teaching saxophone and jazz improvisation around the New England area for the last 30 years. He is the author of many effective jazz improvisation methods as well as founding the popular jazz video lesson site Neffmusic.com.


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