Warburton Soprano Saxophone Mouthpiece by Eric Falcon

This is a Warburton soprano saxophone mouthpiece made by Eric Falcon.  This is one of the best soprano mouthpieces I have had the pleasure of playing.   It plays effortlessly and has a big fat soprano sound to it.  The first day I played on it, I actually recorded a few lessons with it because I felt so comfortable on it.  It has a .065 tip opening which is right around where I prefer.  I use to use play mostly around a .070 but I noticed my embouchure would get tired after awhile.  With the .065 I don’t have that problem.  ………………

Warburton Soprano Mouthpiece

  • Appearance:

The tip and rails of this mouthpiece are perfect.  The tip curve is slightly different than the shape of the Vandoren Java reeds I use but it makes no difference in the way it plays.  The baffle looks to be slightly lower than my Selmer Super Session and the chamber slightly larger. It’s a little smaller than my other soprano mouthpiece on the outside and my Vandoren Optimum ligature wouldn’t fit on it.  I had to use a LAW ligature that I had in my ligature box.

  • Tone:

It seems to have a fatter bigger sound to me than the other soprano mouthpiece I have tried.  I think the bigger chamber allows this to happen. It is in no way a large chambered mouthpiece but it is slightly larger than  others I have played.

  • Intonation:

Nothing stuck out intonation wise.  It was good and within the normal spectrum for this Yamaha soprano.

  • Control:

This was a very easy mouthpiece to play and control.  It is very even sounding up and down the horn.

  • Volume:

Volume was great on this mouthpiece also.  It played soft to very loud easily. Up high I had to be careful that the high notes didn’t get to bright and higher volumes but that is normal for this soprano.

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Steve Neff has been playing and teaching saxophone and jazz improvisation around the New England area for the last 30 years. He is the author of many effective jazz improvisation methods as well as founding the popular jazz video lesson site Neffmusic.com.


  1. To me this mouthpiece sounds great. I has some nice versatility that allows to produce a modern jazz sound as well as Coltrane’s style.. But wondering if it’s not too sweet.

  2. Your demonstration prompted me to try one; (J series; .065) I found the sound to very very focused and have an easier time playing in tune from Low on the horn to high. I also have a very old Morgan MP 7J; I am thinking about selling that after playing and buying the Warburtin. Of all of the soprano demonstrations; I like your tone on the Warburtin the best. Is that a J series or D series?

  3. Dear Steve,

    cuold you tell me the model of Warburton soprano hurd rubber mouthpiece J-D or C ?….I like it very much…. a great sound!!!



    • Hi Sabino, I don’t remember as that was a long time ago. It should be listed in the review and I usually state it in the beginning of the sound clip. If it’s not there then I’m not sure. Thanks, Steve

  4. Hey Sabino,
    Just to let you know Eric is no longer doing the mouthpiece work for Warburton.

  5. Hi Steve, your review on Eric Falcon’s Soprano mouthpiece was performed on July of 2010. As you know, Eric has moved on in his career. Would it be possible for you to perform a new review sometime this year on his new creation the Macsax ” D ” Jazz series Soprano mpc. that he is presently producing?
    Thank you!
    Angelo – Tenor/Soprano – NY

  6. Hi Steve, according to my research on the new Macsax “D” series soprano mouthpiece, I’m told that it now produces a warmer sound to it as opposed to the one that you reviewed in July of 2010.
    Eric Falcon received a great deal of feedback from players indicating that they would have preferred a warmer sound from the piece. To respond to this feedback he reworked the mic. and calls the new model a ” UPDATED ” version. Otherwise it’s very similar, bur much warmer.
    Angelo – LI, NY

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