Transcription of Chris Potter’s solo on “All The Thing You Are”

This bootleg recording is of Chris Potter teaching at a clinic. It’s been floating around the internet for a number of years now and is an amazing example of what Chris Potter can do with a jazz standard like “All the Things You Are”. He’s playing it solo! Just him and his tenor sax.

Now, if you are a follower of jazz and all things saxophone you are probably quite impressed if not in shock by this solo. But I have another item that will impress and shock you also. Ben Doherty has transcribed this whole solo! Every note. This is an amazing task. I know because I had the ambition to do this myself at one time. I transcribed about 4 choruses of the solo before I gave up. I thought “This is impossible and will take way too much time”. Well, shortly after this Ben came out with his transcription and I was one happy camper. I couldn’t believe that he had done this.

You will notice that there is a donation link. You can download the solo without donating but I encourage any of you who are grateful to donate to Ben. Even if you can only donate a few bucks, I think it is important to acknowledge the work he has done here. Who knows maybe if we appreciate him enough he’ll transcribe another Chris Potter “monster solo” for us!  Thanks again Ben!

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  1. the link for this video doesn’t seem to work. the video just sits at a black screen.

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