Peter Ponzol SS M2 Tenor Mouthpiece

This is a Peter Ponzol M2 tenor saxophone mouthpiece. It is Stainless Steel and has a .110 tip opening.  I have owned 3 M2 pieces before and was thinking this would be just like them.   I was actually surprised at how dark this mouthpiece played.  It had tons of power and a husky, robust sound to it.  It wasn’t near as bright as the other M2’s I’ve played.  I think it has a similar sound to the HR Berg I have. This is a great mouthpiece and perfect for those husky bluesy type tenor solos.

Peter Ponzol SS M2 Tenor Mouthpiece

I did this clip in my garage so the quality is a bit different than other recordings but it gives you an idea of what it would sound like with a bit a reverb.   I start out with “Amazing Grace” and go off from there. The clip is like 3:20. Sorry for the length, I just enjoyed playing it so much I got carried away.

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  1. would you say the brass could be darker

  2. I thought the brass was a bit brighter. Although it seemed warmer than the stainless steel. Steve

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