Great Theo Wanne Florida Link Tenor Mouthpiece

This is a florida link from the 60’s.  It was originally an 8 but was worked on by Theo Wanne who closed it down to .100.    I’m really loving it.  I bought this from Mark Sepinuck(10mfan).  He posted on SOTW that he had a Florida Link that was by far the best Florida Link he had ever played.

Everyone’s always talking about how killer Florida links are and I’ve always wanted to try one.  I know Mark personally because he used to live up here near Boston.  He’s always been a straight shooter with me.  I’ve been to his house a number of times and when he tells me a piece is killer it is.  I emailed him about this piece to ask him some questions and it was obvious he really loved it.  I have to say I do too.  At first I was worried that the .100 tip would be too small and closed for me but it really is magical how this piece plays right now.  It has a very rich focused sound to it. The tone of it is hard for me to classify.  Usually I think a piece is bright or dark but with this one it is hard for me to label.  It’s got such a richness and character to the sound that it is very easy for me to play.  It hasn’t left my horn since I got it.  Thanks again Mark, Steve

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Steve Neff has been playing and teaching saxophone and jazz improvisation around the New England area for the last 30 years. He is the author of many effective jazz improvisation methods as well as founding the popular jazz video lesson site


  1. Another fantastic Link sound. How much you pay for it?

  2. This Link sounds better than the 3 you have in the comparison test! This is a KILLER Florida Link for sure. Hopefully you still have it ;0),

    • I do still have it but I had Brian Powell open it to a .105. I might be mistaken but I believe this piece is in the 3 link comparison post.

  3. Actually, I was wrong. This mouthpiece wasn’t in the 3 florida link battle post. My mistake. Sorry.

  4. Steve, thanks so much for your site and work! Do you still have this? Would you make a recording of it at the new tip?

    • Roland,
      I actually still do have this but you know what? It came to me as a 7 and then I had it refaced to an 8 and then down to a 7* and then finally back to a 7. I did like it a lot at the 7* size but I felt like it lost some of that core sound sound that I loved in this clip and became slightly more spread sounding at the 7* and 8 tip openings. It might be my imagination but although the core sound and tone is the same I think the 4 refacings have made it a bit brighter sounding. At least that is my impression. I’ll have to do another recording to compare to the original………….

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