Theo Wanne Wood Parvati Tenor Mouthpiece

I received this for a trial that is going around of Theo Wanne’s Parvati mouthpieces.  I have to say that I am very impressed with a mouthpiece craftsman that will stand by his product and have enough confidence in it to ship it on trial around the globe to possibly hundreds of people.  That takes guts and confidence in your product.  From the moment I opened this package it was all about quality.  From the leather carrying case to the Wanne FL lig that had 5 or 6 options on which plate to use……..Even the case for the ligature plates was an impressive design. This Parvati mouthpiece was much darker than the Amma and was more to my liking.

Theo Wanne Wood Parvati Tenor Mouthpiece

The Wood Parvati mouthpiece has a nice dark sound  that isn’t dead or dull but full, fat and vibrant.   I think the large chamber of the piece is what gives it it’s lushness but I think like the Amma it would take more playing to get use to it.  This chamber makes my other large chamber pieces seem like mediums in comparison.  It has a big cavernous effect on the sound.  I only had time to play them for about half an hour. They are beautifully crafted and great sounding tenor mouthpieces for that dark lush sound that is full and vibrant.  Great job Mr. Wanne!!

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  1. I believe the wooden Parvati has a certain fullness in the lower midrange frequencies that is less present in the Metal model. There is also a certain complexity of the overtones in the wood that I’m not hearing in the brass piece. Although both fat and rich in charachter, there is a difference between them, kind of like dark chocolate verses milk chocolate.

    My taste is for the wooden model over the brass, but of course I would greatfully accept either of them if someone was to make a gift of this mouthpiece! 🙂

    Thanks for putting up such useful clips again, Steve.

  2. sweet , got one coming in the mail,

  3. Very nice and dark. Smooth and relaxed. I got a 10 tip so it’s very flexible, not a loud mouthpiece but perfect for me at home for soft ballads and chocolatey licks. It’s cool wood and gives a nice tone.

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