Morgan Fry Floridated Link

This is a mouthpiece that Morgan Fry sent me from the UK. He’s been advertising a Floridated link on his site I was curious about how they played so I sent him an email to see if i could try one. In looks it is very similar to my very good Florida Link that I play all the time. The baffle that he put in this modern STM link is as close as I’ve seen to my Florida’s baffle. The baffle work in this looks great by the way. Very smooth and natural. You can’t even feel where the metal ends and the baffle starts it’s so smooth.

To be honest, I had a hard time with the piece for the first few days. A size 3 reed felt too hard and stuffy on it and a 2 1/2 felt too  soft. i made the recording with a 2 1/2 Java. It still felt a bit soft but got a nice clear tone from it. With the size 3 reeds I was getting a bit of a “tubby” tone from it(that’s where the midrange notes get a bit nasally sounding. That went away when I switched to the softer reed though. I think if I were to get one of these I would opt for a slighty larger tip opening. Maybe a .108 or .110. Check out the sound clip and you can judge for yourself how it sounds and compares to my other pieces. Right now Morgan has a JVW NY link of mine that he going to put a custom baffle in. I’m very curious to see how that turns out. Great Job on this Floridated Link! Listen………

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