Improving Saxophone Altissimo Exercise with Chris Potter

I just happened upon this as I was perusing the web and drinking my morning coffee just now. Chris Potter playing Giant Steps.  The hard part…… he can’t go below high C. How many of you are brave enough to take on this challenge?……….I’m inspired to practice!   Awesome! Share :

Joe Allard Overtone Exercise for Saxophone

I wanted to share this great saxophone Overtone exercise that Dr. David Demsey wrote out a number of years ago.   Dr. Demsey studied with Joe Allard from 1977-1980 and is the Coordinator of Jazz Studies and Professor of Music at William Paterson University. There is a great interview with Dr. Demsey about Joe Allard that any of you Read More…

Mark Russo-Saxophone Overtones, Altissimo and Growling

This is a great video of Mark Russo demonstrating different concepts on a Cannonball alto and tenor saxophone.  Mark was one of the first professional saxophone players I ever heard in concert.  I was in high school and went to the Syracuse Jazz Festival and a group called the Yellowjackets started playing.   I had Read More…

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