Dave Jary Customized Otto Link Tenor Mouthpiece

I received this from a friend of mine to try.  It is an old metal link that Phil Barone worked on at one time.  It has the Barone engraving on it and the link ridge is gone as Phil does when he refaces a link.  You can’t tell it use to be a link except by looking at the bite plate.  This piece was then worked on by Dave Jary who refaced it to .104 and put a rollover baffle in it.

Dave Jary Customized Otto Link Tenor Mouthpiece

This piece has a very centered core sound to it and can be pretty powerful when pushed.  It has one of those in your face type sounds.  I consider it a great all round piece although I think I would prefer it around a .110 opening. It isn’t as bright as my JVW metal link.  It was fun to play it.

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