Variations On A Pattern Lesson

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In this lesson,  I reveal the secret to practicing patterns and licks.  Most people just practice a pattern exactly how it is written or played.  If this is the way you always practice your patterns than this lesson is for you.  I show you how to really get your mileage out of each pattern you learn by practicing improvising with it as you practice.  If you can alter one pattern 20 different ways then you will have a much more powerful tool to use while you improvise!  I give you a sample II-V-I pattern from my book and then show you 9 ways that I can alter it to come up with many more patterns.  I talk about how to practice this and the many benefits of doing this.  If you get the concepts in this lesson down you will discover and amazing increase in your jazz  vocabulary.  Instead of playing the same tired and dead licks on your solos you will be able to alter those same licks to be new and fresh sounding. (28 minute Video,Audio & PDF)

1 review for Variations On A Pattern Lesson

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    Having been a member of Steve’s site from the beginning I have to say every lesson gives you inspiration. This lesson I have to say is a Golden Nugget, I found that after watching this lesson the light bulbs were really turning on. All the hard work of practising pattern’s and shape’s made complete sense. Steve through demonstrating open’s up for me something I was forever stuck on.
    I would totally recommend this lesson to anyone wishing to free up their playing. Thanks Steve for all your valuable insight.

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