Tune of the Week-Freight Trane



As part of my New Years resolutions this year, I have set a goal of trying to memorize one new standard every week. I figured that as long as I was doing this I might as well share the journey with you in a series of video lessons.

My goal with these lessons is to show you how I go about memorizing a standard and really internalizing it so that I will not forget it.  I will take you right along with me and hopefully by the end of the year we will have 52 new tunes in our repertoire!

The first tune in this series will be Freight Trane.   A great tune by Tommy Flanagan. There is a recording of John Coltrane and Kenny Burrell playing this tune as well as the Brecker Brothers on the album Merge by Jack Wilkins.

I teach you how to go about memorizing the melody and getting it in your ear.  I then talk in depth about memorizing the chord changes.

As an addition to this lesson, I have also done a more advanced lesson called “Freight Trane-Melodic Workout” where we dig deeper into the changes to gain mastery of the chord sequence.

All the concepts are demonstrated with the tenor saxophone.
(35 Minute Video Lesson)


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