The Art of Tonguing Lesson


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In this lesson, I talk in depth about tonguing notes on the saxophone.  I teach some of these basic concepts in my Beginning Saxophone Lessons but I thought it would be a good idea to offer a specific lesson on correct tonguing for intermediate players also.

Improper tonguing is one of the things that I see most often from adult students who come to take lessons with me.  Many times these students have taught themselves, they had a teacher that taught them incorrectly or they just did not learn the proper method to tongue.

In this lesson I talk in depth about what I consider the best way to tongue.  I talk about wrong ways that people tongue so that you can figure out if you are doing it correctly or not.

Tonguing incorrectly can lead to a world of problems. Sluggish, heavy articulation, poor tone quality, intonation problems and inability to reach the altissimo notes or lower register.

A few adjustments and then repetitive practice can cure many of these issues once the correct tonguing method in this video lesson is implemented. (33 Minute Video)


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