Simple Melodic Concept to Improvise with Scales Lesson

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In this new lesson entitled “Simple Melodic Concept to Improvise with Scales Lesson”, I introduce you to a concept I teach to beginning to intermediate improvisers to get them started with melodic material.  This is a great lesson that will  get a student using the notes from a scale in a melodic way that they can build off of.  Although this is a simple concept in theory, the material can be used in countless ways while improvising.  Once the student masters this first melodic concept they can use it as a foundation to build further melodic concepts off of.

The lesson comes with a PDF of the examples in C as well as multiple play-alongs to practice to. Three are a play-along of ii-7-V7-IMaj7 progression in all 12 keys at three different speeds.  There are also three other play-alongs which go through the Dominant 7th, Major 7th and Minor 7th chords around the cycle of fifths.

I demonstrate the concepts in this lesson on the soprano saxophone to chords played on the piano as well as to the provided play-along tracks. (4 PDFs of chord progressions to practice to, 6 play-along tracks to practice the material with, a PDF of the concept written out in C Major, 36 Minute Video Lesson)

1 review for Simple Melodic Concept to Improvise with Scales Lesson

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    Jade (verified owner)

    Nice concept indeed to start to improvise, that’s good stuff to work on, especially for beginners. Could have been nice to show the concept at work not only on the cycle of V, but also over a real tune, such as Autumn Leaves for ex. I think it would help to understand even more clearly the key concept and how to work this it, and how it sounds !

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