Phrases & Melodic Development Lesson 1

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In this lesson I talk in depth about phrasing and melodic development.  Many young improvisers make the mistake of playing to many notes and not developing ideas. I talk about leaving space and building a solo in such a way that you are communicating something to the audience besides random licks. This is a great lesson for beginners and intermediate improvisers. I demonstrate each concept on “Out of Nowhere” on my tenor with a BP NY .108 link.  (Audio)


1 review for Phrases & Melodic Development Lesson 1

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    Sneeky Jones

    This is a great lesson. Neff covers a lot of information you won’t find in any theory book I’ve read. His phrasing and melodic development suggestions have allowed me to better utilize my skill, and better realize my soloing potential! I am literally going back over all memorized songs, and writing out the chord tones with a simple two bar line. It is an extremely effective idea… one of many in this lesson! Thanks Steve

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