Neff’s Saxophone Warmup Routine Lesson



In this new video lesson, I give you the inside scoop on my personal approach to warming up on the saxophone.  The series of exercises and actions I teach you in this video lesson are exactly what I do every time I pick up a saxophone to play whether it be for a gig, mouthpiece review or just to practice.  Before I can get to seriously practicing and playing, I have to warmup my horn and myself so that I can be ready to play.

I demonstrate all the warmup exercises and actions on my tenor saxophone for you and teach in depth about what I do and why I do it.  The tips and advice I teach in this video were not taught to me but are a series of steps that I have learned work for me over the last forty years of playing the saxophone. (44 Minute Video Lesson)

*The teachings in this video on playing the saxophone are based on my experience.  They are based on my opinions that have been formed over many years of playing the saxophone.   This lesson is based off of the approach that I have found to be the best for me and hopefully it will benefit you as well.    Steve 



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