Improving Your Time Exercise Lesson

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In this lesson I talk about an exercise I use with student to improve their feel for the pulse of a song. It also improves a students sense of feeling for the 2 and 4 bar phrase. Although a simple concept, I have run into quite a few intermediate to advanced players that can’t perform this exercise. Once you get this down it will improve your time tremendously.   (Audio)

3 reviews for Improving Your Time Exercise Lesson

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    A simple exercise, but more difficult to do as it looks at first glance. I’m going back to it quite regularly. Practicing it did not only improve my time feel, but also the way I place my phrases within two or four measures. Plus it made me definitely play in a more relaxed way.

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    Nicolai Riegels

    This is a great exercise that every player would benefit from. It’s not as easy as it looks at first glance, but it has helped me not only to improve my time feel, but also to play more rhythmically articulated phrases. And it is also a very fun exercise!

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    For me this is a very valuable lesson to accompany the new improvisation series that Steve is putting together, the analogy is a bit like Steve taking away your old monkey wrench and giving you a brand new socket set. I like it !!

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