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Over the years, many of you have probably heard of the terms “guide tone lines” and “voice leading”.  In this lesson, I take you through an exercise to work on these resolutions without thinking about it too much. I never really worked on guide tones very much as a student but through the years I have worked a ton on this exercise that I am giving you in this lesson.  I not only use it on a blues but over every tune I work on.

Using the concept of “enclosures” to surround the target resolutions, you will become very familiar with the way notes want to resolve and move through a chord sequence.

This lesson comes with a PDF over a blues in C with 10 lines written across 3 pages.  I demonstrate all the examples on the tenor saxophone but you can apply these concepts to all instruments. (37 Minute Video Lesson & PDF)


2 reviews for Guide Tone Blues Lesson

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    Matthew Staples (verified owner)

    Being able to navigate the guide tones over a blues is a good precursor to being able to play smoothly over the changes, and an essential tool for every blues/jazz musician. Steve has taken the time to prepare a PDF that outlines 10 different guide tone lines over a D Blues. This itself is worth its weight in gold, but he also takes the time to play through each guide tone line and explain the note choices and how they fit over the chord. Overall, this is an excellent lesson and one that I plan on learning in all 12 keys. Now, it’s off to the shed to work on these guide tone lines!

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    John W (verified owner)

    This lesson provides a clear description of guide tones and how and when to use them. The information is presented in such a way that its applicability is not limited to just blues. Steve also explains how to encapsulate notes which, for me, was a key missing concept and one that will add agility to my playing. This lesson really cleared things up. Awesome value!

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