Dominant Blues Approach Note Mastery-Lesson 2



Dominant Blues Approach Note Mastery is a new series of lessons that takes a fresh approach to learning all of your dominant approach note lines and resolutions in all 12 keys over a standard 12 bar blues form.

In this series we will be applying the approach patterns and lines from my “Approach Note Velocity” books to a standard 12 bar blues progressions in all 12 keys. The goal of these lessons is for the student to master each of these approach patterns as well as learning how to apply these lines and jazz vocabulary to chord changes as you go.

I teach in depth about how to apply these lines to each chord in a standard 12 bar blues and the reasons behind each choice of approach note line. I demonstrate all the lines on the soprano saxophone and give you tips and ideas on how to best practice and eventually master them in all 12 keys.

Lesson 2 continues where lesson 1 let off with an approach note line that I feel gives the student a great tool to travel from chord tone to chord tone through any chord progression. This lesson becomes more difficult in that we are going from playing 8th note lines in lesson 1 to 16th note lines in lesson 2. In future lessons, we will be linking a variety of approach note lines to each other to create flowing running lines that weave in and out of the tonality to create interesting shapes and sounds over the chord changes of a 12 bar blues that can also be applied to a variety of standard chord progressions as well.

This will be a long series but I hope to add some elements to these lessons that will make learning the approach note lines a bit easier and more interesting along the way. (33 Minute Video Lesson, 3 PDF pages of approach note line over a 12 bar blues, 3 play along tracks at 85, 110 and 140 bpm, chords progression PDF sheets of play along for concert, Bb and Eb instruments)


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