Developing Relative Pitch-Lesson 3

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If you have listened to any of my lessons so far you have probably realized that singing is not my strong point. Non the less it is an important and integral part of developing your ear. I have had many students over the years that were afraid to sing or did not want to. This is my best attemt to show you the benefits of singing and how it can improve your ear if you work on it. i give you specific things that you can work on as well as tips on how to practice them. I always tell students that my ear and voice has always been the biggest obstacle for me to overcome and if I can sing and hear certain things than anyone can    (Video)

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    By the way, I really appreciate your singing. I was in a masters class last summer with Wycliff Gordon. He stressed the importance of singing. I told him I had a problem with this since I can not sing which he promptly sat down at the piano and played a line and asked me to sing it. I surprised myself, although not in tune, was able to get the idea across. Thanks for singing on your lessons, it helps support those who “can’t sing”.

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