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This is a remake of my old “Great Sound mp3” lesson.. I’ve had a few people ask if I could do it as a video so you could see me talk about and demonstrate the concept of having a great sound.  I talk about playing with a 90% sound and what that means.  I show you how to breathe, support the sound, how much mouthpiece to put in your mouth and other tips on developing a great sound.(Audio & Video)

3 reviews for Developing A Great Sound Video Lesson

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    Thanks Steve, This is a crucial lesson, so glad I bought the extra subscription it will improve all practice to follow, every one of the lessons I have viewed gives a wealth of knowledge, this lesson is no exception.

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    I haven’t felt so good about my playing in about six years. What did it for me was your lessons on sound production and placement of the bottom lip. I used to tuck my bottom lip over my teeth. I used to get a OK sound in the middle of the horn but the bottom notes and high notes sucks. Try as I may I could not get the altissimo G the other altissimo notes with now and again success but never clear. Now that I moved my bottom lip just in front of my teeth BAM!! My bottom notes are clear and round my middle notes sing with a lot more partials my high notes is a dream to hit and my altissimo, well I spent the whole day yesterday just playing the altissimo area it was so clear the G needs some more work but its nice and round and in tune. What a revelation after so many years of frustration. I now realized why my practice was sporadic it was because of these issues. I think I am now on my way to being the player I always dreamed I could be.

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    donnersm (verified owner)

    I rate this video 4 stars. Although a lot of info in this video was not new to me, it was exactly what i needed to open my eyes again. A refreshing course you could say. Regardless if i know the material or not, it does cover the basics. So if you’re looking for a way to improve your sound here is were you can start.

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