Cool Piano Voicings Lesson 2



If you are a saxophone player or play another solo instrument it is of prime importance that you learn piano or another chordal instrument.

The best thing you can do for yourself is to learn some voicing on piano and start playing some chord progressions.  Doing this will help you to hear chords and progressions.

In this lesson I give you a set of cool piano voicings to use over II-V-I progressions.  I give you a pdf that shows you the notes to play on piano and how to practice these voicings.  These are rich voicings that highlight some of the upper  extensions of the chords like the 9ths and 13ths.

This is a great lesson if you have a piano available to you and would like the ability to play the chords of many standard jazz tunes.  This is also a great way to improve your ear and to hear the chord changes of a jazz tune. (30 Minute Video & PDF)


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